Order Management & Execution in Italy for International Cross-border E-commerce Platform

Import Cases

Internationally renowned cross-border e-commerce platform, specializing in overseas high-end fashion brands, with over 200 suppliers throughout Italy

Professional & Efficient Order Management 


Provide customers with professional order management services in Italy to optimize the cost and time of picking up goods from suppliers; professional QC and consolidation services in the warehouse; industry-leading order execution speed and full visual monitoring of order status.





Customized Customs Clearance & Logistics 


Provide customers with optimal customs clearance mode solutions according to order attributes, intelligently allocate transport routes, complete landed customs clearance and distribution by the most optimal port, saving delivery time and costs; provide efficient and cost-controlled standardized services for fragmented trade processes, from cross-border BC to general trade orders.





Industry-leading Reverse Logistics


Completing professional return and exchange services for unusual orders of after-sales goods.