Store Distribution for General Trade Import

Import Cases

A well-known domestic listed company in the luxury business unit, operating high-end fashion consumer brands, self-owned by European direct sourcing, with over 20,000 SKU categories and a monthly handling capacity of over 200,000 pieces, with over 10 self-owned stores of over 3,000 square meters in China and parallel offline and online sales

Professional Overseas Order Management & Transportation


Providing professional order management and consolidation and transportation services for customers overseas.

Efficient Import & Customs Clearance 


Providing customers with compliance checking and general trade clearance services for the import of goods through in-depth data precipitation in the industry.

Customized Value-added Services


Generate the tags and labels required for offline sales through the system according to the customer's needs, and complete the value-added services in the warehouse under the requirement of reaching the KPI assessment on time.

Intelligent & Accurate Distribution


According to the needs of different stores, we can complete the intelligent distribution and distribution route optimization to deliver the goods on time and achieve the customer KPI assessment requirements.