Domestic Cross-border E-commerce Warehouse and Distribution Services in Hong Kong

Import Cases

A well-known domestic cross-border e-commerce company, operating high-end fashion consumer brands with more than 5,000 SKU categories and sales channels across all large domestic e-commerce platforms, with a warehouse requirement of more than 3,000 square meters and extremely high requirements for the expansion of the warehouse area and the flexibility of daily order processing

Industry-leading Digital Solutions


Complete system interface with customers to digitize and visualize order execution. automatic generation of business reports by the system to help customers gain insight into business dynamics at any time.




Professional High-end Consumer Goods Warehousing Management


Tailor-made warehousing hardware facilities for high-end consumer goods, with full-area, dead-angle-free monitoring while goods are in storage. At the same time providing customers with professional and reliable cargo quality testing, inventory management and other services. Full insurance coverage, effective risk control and full guarantee of cargo security.




Customized Warehousing & Distribution 


According to the customer's needs and the operational requirements of different platforms, outbound formation of order packages and achieve on-time distribution and delivery, while completing KPI assessment as agreed.